Sharing Christ with Children - Abb Thomas

Sharing Christ with Children - Abb Thomas

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None of us should ever be satisfied with the results we have had or are currently having in reaching children for the Saviour. The goal is always to reach another child before it is too late.

Every child has a right to go to Heaven. You and I have an obligation to tell them.

The purpose of this book is to stir your heart toward giving children the options of hearing and believing the Holy Scripture. We must be both aggressive and careful. Every child does not have to be saved in five minutes or less. Aggressive--yes! Careful--yes!

This in-depth study covers everything from the challenge of getting children under the sound of the gospel to the techniques of a clear presentation. It includes word studies of great salvation verses, invitation ideas for large and small groups, principles of counseling, and ways to avoid confusing children. It's all here.