My Lord and My God - Barclay

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My Lord and My God: A Harmony of the Life of Christ in the Gospels is a parallel harmony of the Gospels that will assist disciples of Jesus in following the Master’s steps. Travel with Christ as He journeys from a humble cradle to His triumph at the cross and resurrection. My Lord and My God was prepared using the Authorized Version of the Bible and includes:

  • Helpful illustrations, charts, and tables throughout
  • An appendix explaining difficult chronological aspects relevant to the life of Christ
  • Detailed maps and diagrams
  • The words of Christ in red
  • Pictures from the Holy Land
  • Detailed chronological markers for the life of Christ
  • Extensive cross-references to Old Testament quotations, allusions, and Messianic prophecies
  • Clear graphical markers indicating the precise textual flow of each individual Gospel
  • Sidebars highlighting the miracles of Jesus
  • Sidebars highlighting the parables of Jesus
  • Colored page tabs indicating the chronological flow of Jesus’ life
  • Full-color text throughout